Virtual Windows servers rent in Lagos

High-Performance KVM VPS with local SSD NVMe storage
15 Tier III/IV data centers in 14 countries
1 IPv4, 16 IPv6 addresses included
Unlimited traffic (100Mbit/s guaranteed)
Windows license included
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Also Included with your KVM VPS

Cloud windows virtual servers (VPS/VDS) for rent in Lagos at a price start with 12 €/month. The best cheap private virtual hosting for your business.
Windows Server 2019, 2022
VNC access to the server console from the panel
Fast local SSD NVMe storage
Full hardware virtualization based on KVM

Our VPS Addons

*For an additional fee
24/7 Qualified
VPS Management
Clearflow DDoS
Shield *
BGP Session Ready *
  • Lagos
BGP session 5 €
IPv4 address 3 €

Our data centers

  • City Lagos
  • Country Nigeria
  • Location Africa
  • Space 1200 m²
  • Electricity 1.5MW
  • Capacity -
  • Network 1-20 Gbps (per server)
  • Certifications Tier III
Due to its geographical location Lagos is ideally placed for low latency access not only 200M+ population of Nigeria, but also to West African countries.
Internet Exchange Points
Test network speed
1000 MB
Other data centers

Client reviews

As a VPS provider, we have specific requirements. We prioritize high-speed server deployment in various locations worldwide, the ability to announce our IP addresses, and the capability to order unique configurations tailored to our needs. Melbicom meets all these criteria.
Profit Server
We switched from Amazon to Melbicom. It was important to cut costs without compromising quality, and it turned out to be an excellent alternative. We later connected many of our clients to a large CDN network. Prompt technical support response within 10-20 minutes is noteworthy, particularly in emergency situations. We’ve also changed SSD drives once, and everything went smoothly. We highly recommend it.
Avenue Media

Companies that trust us

Do you have a trial period?
At the moment, we do not have a trial period.
What is the minimum payment period?
The minimum payment period for the service is one month.
Is it possible to replace IP addresses free of charge?

The only way to change your default IP address is to order a new IP. It will cost you additional 3 €. Please note that IP addresses are assigned automatically it is impossible to choose a specific IP range.

What is the bandwidth limit on virtual servers?

"Unmetered bandwidth" indicates that there are no additional charges based on the amount of data transferred to and from your cloud server monthly. This feature enables worry-free data transfer without overage fees. Typically, personal or small business website operators do not exceed our fair usage policies. However, if you anticipate consistent, heavy bandwidth usage, our cloud servers may not be the ideal choice. In such cases, consider our dedicated servers with guaranteed channels . Note that excessive use on a cloud server can lead to bandwidth speed reduction as per our terms of service, ensuring fair usage for all clients.

Bandwidth Limits for Cloud Linux Server Solutions:

 In Fujairah and Mumbai:
 • 2TB/month for KVM-1-FJR, KVM-1-BOM, WIN-2-FJR, WIN-2-BOM plans.
 • 4TB/month for KVM-2-FJR, KVM-2-BOM, WIN-4-FJR, WIN-4-BOM plans.
 • 5TB/month for higher-tier plans.

 In Lagos:
 • 1TB/month for KVM-1-AF, WIN-2-AF plans.
 • 2TB/month for KVM-2-AF, WIN-4-AF plans.
 • 3TB/month for KVM-4-AF, WIN-6-AF plans.
 • 4TB/month for KVM-6-AF, WIN-8-AF plans.
 • 5TB/month for KVM-8-AF, WIN-10-AF plans.

Upon exceeding these limits, bandwidth is reduced to 10Mbit/s. For all other plans, bandwidth is up to 1Gbit/s, reduced to 100 Mbit/s if the 5TB monthly quota is exceeded.

Do you filter any network ports?
Mail ports are filtered. You should contact our support if you need to open mail ports. Additional account verification may be required.
What processors do you use on the VPS?
We use different CPUs like Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680v2 and E5-2680v4. However, it is not possible to choose a specific CPU when ordering a VPS
What Windows operating systems are available?
You can choose from Windows Server 2019 and 2022.

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