Cloud servers

High-Performance KVM VPS with local SSD NVMe storage
8 Tier III/IV data-centers in 7 countries
Full KVM-based virtualization
Unmetered Internet access without ratio requirements (100Mbps guaranteed)
Custom ISO images support
  • Fast local SSD NVMe storage
  • Support
  • DDoS protection*
  • Dashboard server control
  • 1 IPv4, 16 IPv6 addresses included
  • VNC console access from the dashboard
  • Customer's BGP session support*
  • Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD images
  • *For an additional fee
  • Amsterdam
  • Moscow
  • Frankfurt
  • Sofia
  • Palermo
  • Madrid
  • Vilnius
  • Riga
1 vCore 1.40 €
1 GB disk 0.12 €
1 GB RAM 1.40 €
BGP session 5 €
IPv4 address 1 €
Control panel (ISPmanager 5 Lite) 3 €
Do you have a trail period?
No, there is no trial period.
What kind of virtualization do you use?
We use KVM virtualization.
Is it possible to buy extra resources like CPU, memory, disk space?
Yes, you can buy additional resources. However, some plans may have limitations.
Can I change my current plan?
Yes, but with some limitations - you can only upgrade your plan; downgrade is not possible. Please, raise a support ticket to change your plan. The request is processed manually, and at this time, the operator will shutdown the server for 10-15 minutes to resize the disk.
What kind of support can I expect?
We provide unmanaged VPS servers. Our technical support will check and ensure the availability of the server, carry out minimal diagnostics. For additional tasks, such as configuring software and OS tuning, we have paid managed services packages.

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