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Fault tolerance technologies
Our goal is to make the network as reliable as possible
1 Redundancy

Every TOR switch is connected to two aggregation switches. Using Virtual PortChannel (vPC) and 802.3ad technology, we keep a high level of redundancy. If one of the connections fails, the other will ensure availability.

Next, two core routers are connected to each of the aggregation switches. External capacity is spread across aggregation switches and core routers. Server's L3 connectivity (IPv4/IPv6) is protected by Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP).

2 Flexibility

Servers inside the data center can be connected to a private network. We can provide a private network even between different data centers.

All servers are equipped with IP-KVM (IPMI, iDRAC, iLO) dedicated port used for server control (OS reinstall, reboot, virtual console, etc.). This port is connected to an isolated management network. Customers have access to this network via a VPN connection.

3 DDoS protection

We use a wide range of techniques to mitigate DDoS attacks - your service is not affected by a possible negative impact from attacks on any other neighboring network resource, even without purchasing DDoS protection.

Transit providers
Internet Exchange Points

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