New PoP in Singapore has been deployed


Melbicom Debuts in Singapore Affirming Its Global Ambitions

Melbicom, thriving at operational excellence and unparalleled connectivity, is proud to introduce our leading datacenter in Singapore. Situated in the heart of the Asia Pacific, this strategic place confirms our renewed commitment to a worldwide expansion. 


A Strategic Foothold in one of Asia's Premier Connectivity Hub

Singapore, known as the foremost connective hub in the Asia Pacific, offers a unique vantage point for digital outreach in the region. With its numerous low-latency sub-sea cables, the location has a privileged peering with the Asia-Pacific region such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China Mainland and also Australia.


A Meticulous Design Tailored for Tomorrow

The facility is vastly spread over 170000 square foot and is backed with a redundant electrical system featuring a total power of 16 megawatts. 

Not only the peering is outstanding for Pacific Asian location but on top of we may provide up to 40 GBPS bandwidth per server primed for the most demanding of digital endeavors.


Uncompromising TIERS III Certification

The Singaporean datacenter received a TIERS III certification from the uptime institute which is a testament to our dedication to resilience and reliability. It is the certified guarantee that your remote activities are backed up by a state of the art datacenter conception meant for redundancy and reliability. 


A Renewed Desire to explore new destinations

Our venture into Singapore wasn't merely an expansion; it was a resounding statement of our mission to consistently deliver a seamless, predictable client experience across all regions. Our firm intent is to keep on deploying world wide opportunities for our client to establish their online presence so they don’t physically have to. 


To delve deeper into our Singapore facility and its vast array of services, explore our Dedicated Servers in Singapore, CDN Solutions, and Cloud Servers. Our passionate team stands ready to guide you through our offerings, ensuring you grasp the full breadth of the Melbicom experience.

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