New PoP in Mumbai, India has been deployed


Melbicom, a leading global of Server infrastructure for Businesses is proud to announce its expansion toward Mumbai, India. A key location to reach the tremendous ever-growing Indian market. 


Impeccable Infrastructure with Scalable Power Solutions

The datacenter spanning over 50 000 square feet is designed for hyperscaling. Powered by 2MW of power, expandable to a colossal 4MW, this center is equipped to accommodate the increasing demand for dedicated hosting services, cloud solutions, data storage & CDN Solutions with a minimal latency in the region.


Mumbai's New Data Center Paradigm: Premier Connectivity Meets Technological Excellence

Located in Mumbais vibrant heart, our new data center is a cornerstone of high-level technological infrastructure. Mumbai, a city renowned for being at the forefront of technological evolution, offers an ideal landscape for internet connectivity. This is not only due to the presence of three major critical Internet Exchanges (IXs), which enable highly efficient network peering, but also because of the city's integration with 14 Intercontinental cables forming an opportunistic backbone for global digital activities. The facility also connects directly with over 160 majors ISP including Tier 1 Carriers. The latter facilitates superior network performance, reduced latency and enhanced reliability for our clients. 


Upholding the Gold Standard with TIERS III Certification

Our dedication to reliability and uninterrupted service is underscored by the TIERS III certification from the Uptime Institute. This assures our clientele that our Mumbai data center adheres to the stringent standards necessary for operational sustainability and excellence. 


Experience the Melbicom Difference in Mumbai

Discover the capabilities of our Mumbai data center which features our complete range of services, including Dedicated ServersCDN Solutions, and Cloud Servers. Our expert team remains at your service to ensure you understand the full scope and benefits of the Melbicom ecosystem.

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