New PoP in Atlanta has been deployed


Melbicom continues to build on its growth trajectory by inaugurating a new datacenter location in Atlanta, United States, reinforcing our commitment to delivering unparalleled service globally. This move is in direct response to the increasing demand for secure, high-performance infrastructure in the North American market.


Accelerated Global Interoperability

With this expansion, we're strengthening our fast-path peering capabilities not just globally but now also in the North American region. This enhanced interoperability elevates our entire service ecosystem supporting your digital workflows like never before.


Tailored for High Performance

Our Atlanta data center spans over 62,000 square feet, supported by a redundant 6 MegaWatt electrical network. The network aggregates over 30 network providers. Inherently, we have the ability to competitively offer up to 40 GBPS of unmetered bandwidth per dedicated server. Whether you're in data analytics, edge computing, or streaming platforms, this feature brings you closer to your user base while offering industry-leading performance that will set you ahead. 


Redundancy and Reliability

The facility proudly holds a Tier III certification, guaranteeing high redundancy and resilience in our distribution path, so you can rest assured of consistent and reliable service availability.


This is just the beginning of a series of planned expansions aimed at providing next-level service quality and reliability to our global customer base.

For more details about our new Atlanta data center and its suite of services, we invite you to explore our Dedicated Servers  CDN solutions, Cloud Servers offerings.

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