New PoP in Los Angeles has been deployed


Melbicom announces a New Datacenter Location in Los Angeles, California, strengthening our network richness and operational excellence across North America.

This significant milestone further cements our commitment to delivering scalable and harmonious service offerings across diverse locations.


Unparalleled Interconnectivity

Our new location allows our customers to gain a direct access to the largest interconnection ecosystem in North America. The state-of-the-art infrastructure features diverse Points of Entry (POEs), Main Distribution Frames (MDFs), and Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDFs). This enhancement reflects Melbicom's operational excellence, boosting and optimizing digital workflows.


Built for High Performance and Scalability

A facility that sprawls across 150,000+ square feet, is powered by an electrical capacity fo 18 megawatts. Network wise, we may serve up to 40 GBPS of unmetered bandwidth per dedicated server. Whether you're engaged in data analytics, edge computing, or streaming platforms, this development harmonizes our services across all locations, ensuring both scalability and exceptional performance.


Commitment to Reliability and Operational Excellence

While we're colocated in a facility that meets rigorous compliance standards, Melbicom continues to uphold its commitment to operational excellence. Our services are designed to be reliable, aligning with industry best practices to serve your needs effectively.


A Significant Leap in Melbicoms Journey

This Los Angeles datacenter is not just another location; it's a testament to our network-rich and scalable service offerings, reinforcing our accelerating growth trajectory. This is another chapter in a series of planned expansions aimed at providing next-level service quality and reliability to our global customer base.


For more details about our new Los Angeles facility and its suite of services, explore our offerings in Dedicated Servers, CDN Solutions, and Cloud Servers - or you may get in touch with our dedicated team who are on standby to assist you from this contact form.

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